SNC - 03 Mar SnC Happy Hour Download ONLY

SNC - 03 Mar SnC Happy Hour Download ONLY
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NOTE: This is a recorded session of the live session held on March 17th. Scan n Cut Thirsty Thursdays Happy Hour (“Thirsty” for knowledge on Thursdays for one hour, like Happy Hour since this is meant to be a fun way to learn!) are an online, easy to understand way to learn the Brother Scan n Cut! Our project we will be focusing on templates! Whether you use templates to mark your quilt tops or to use in mix media, they are very versatile. You will no longer be limited to the template designs available on the market after you learn how to create and cut them on your SnC! You will be learning how to: 1. REVIEW: There were many questions about the detailed process of bringing a design into Canvas, so we will go through the entire process. 2. Creating different types of templates 3. Materials and settings to cut your project

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