SNC - 02 Feb SnC Happy Hour - Download ONLY

SNC - 02 Feb SnC Happy Hour - Download ONLY
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Learn your Scan n Cut in a fun, bite size pieces during Thirsty Thursdays Happy Hour! This is a recording of the live monthly session held on February 18, 2016. We are going to change things up a bit for this session. We have learned about the machine settings and the Scan n Cut Canvas software, now let's put it altogether and put our knowledge to use by making a project - coasters! During this Happy Hour, you will be learning how to: 1) Bring in a design into Canvas 2) Prepare your material (can use paper, fabric or felt) 3) Cutting settings and complete your project You will see how multiple projects were made and then you can make the same project OR make something else using the techniques taught in class!
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