May 2020 Monthly Pass Art & Stitch On Demand

May 2020 Monthly Pass Art & Stitch On Demand
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What is Art & Stitch On Demand?

It is similar as a TV streaming service (i.e.: Netflix, Hulu, etc) -- but for learning Art & Stitch!  Just watch an episode or follow along with your computer.  Vimeo is available on your computer or any app-based tablet.  Enjoy the convenience of hitting the pause button, rewind or fast forward as you work your way through the exercises.

Learn how to create edge to edge designs with three different templates.

*NOTE:  It's not too late to register for the Year Pass!  Save money and receive all of the 2020 Art & Stitch On Demand Episodes as they are released!

To register for either the Monthly or the Yearly Pass, click here: Simply the Best Quilting

Want to learn more about Art & Stitch On Demand, watch this short video:

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