2019 Art & Stitch On Demand - Year Pass

2019 Art & Stitch On Demand - Year Pass
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  • Item #: 2019-On Demand Year

Beginner to advanced students will enjoy learning how to digitize with Art and Stitch On Demand


Like TV streaming/On Demand services, you will have content you can view immediately with new episodes (i.e.: class sessions) dropping throughout the month.  Each password protected episode will focus on one technique at a time, so you can really learn that technique. 

The Vimeo platform will be used so you can watch the episodes your computer, on a Smart TV or mobile device with the Vimeo app – just like your favorite TV streaming service!

You will be notified via email throughout the month when new episodes are available.  This will keep you up to date on everything new - register once and save some money to boot!

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