07-DOWNLOAD July 2018 T3

07-DOWNLOAD July 2018 T3
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NOTICE: This download contains a recording of the live session held on 07/17/18.

Learn Art & Stitch in bite size pieces with Technique Tuesday’s, aka T3.  These sessions are monthly online classes that focus on three Art & Stitch techniques typically on the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm, CST.

If you are new to Art & Stitch or are looking to learn more about this fantastic software, you will want to be sure to purchase this session and join us month!

During the July 17, 2018 T3 at 3pm, CST we will be focusing on the Drawing Tools:

1. Creating Continuous Line designs from Shapes

2. Applique – Creating them and working with applique quilts

3. Let’s take a look at Echo’s and Boundaries

Please email me @ carol@simplythebestquilting.com if you have any questions after watching this video, I’m always happy to help!

DOWNLOAD INFORMATION: After you've completed payment, you will receive an email with a PDF.  Open the PDF to find the Dropbox link to the live session of 7/17/18.

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